Puppy vs. Orange

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Subscribe! bit.ly Like! Maymo on Facebook: on.fb.me Follow Maymo on Twitter: bit.ly Maymo the lemon beagle wages the cutest battle ever against an orange. He bites, spins, and dances around his adversary until he crashes into the camera (causing a fat lip on the part of the person filming). It’s all worth it though because this is the cutest puppy vs. orange battle you’ll ever see.


unoriginalityishere says:

I have a lemon beagle…. Aren’t they the best??

stephenslaughter28 says:

Happy feet at 0:33

thesuperapple360 says:

LOL  !!! X

ChrissyTop Lindaa says:

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fishingnut23 says:


xzxadelexzx says:

Tried to do this with my dog, but she’s 11 and got about a foot away from it and was like “are you trying to trick me? I know what this is, this shit won’t work on me”… then proceeded to chase her tail for about 5 minutes

Marcello Oksi says:

i know it’s just an orange.. but it’s very offense for me.. LOL

Hopes4TheOcean says:


David Seijas says:


lio860 says:

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Trixies Mama says:

Awe, why won’t my dogs do cute and funny things like this? If I gave either of my dogs an orange, they’d look at me like I was off my rocker and go back to sleep.

MusaIgo says:

Orange you glad you shared this? ;p

essingchildren says:

I was wondering how one would get one’s entire house to smell like orange.

mik3lang3lo says:

Orange wins

lasneh says:

I love your dog.

Denter86 says:

0:33 : Pianorange.

jjcareaga72 says:

You’ve come up with best “homemade” toys!

carodiaz178 says:

So cute

Haley l says:

The end is so cute with the orange on his head I subscribed thx

DailyVlogOfADog says:

hahahahaha my puppy had a similar experience with a strawberry 😀 watch?v=1XeGt3A95BE

Penny Gardiner says:


kendobunny says:

A lemon beagle.

Lauryn Es. says:


looly67890 says:

0:55 The cutest thing i’ve ever seen

MsHoopster30 says:

What kind of dog is this?

licoricepirate says:

lol .. . this animal . .

Raza Mohiuddin says:

Dog: Omg omg Master!! This orange!! This orange is so cool!! Master! Master! Its tastes like orange!! And citrus!! Yow!! Master!! Look at how i wear this orange!

GothJoe says:

Oh brilliant, i’ve died of cute, thanks a lot.

glitterlicious says:


aliyah hamze says:

the last part is sooooooo cute and funny

victorvidal553 says:

q tierno:-)

NightsVideoChannel says:

How can ppl dislike this video, this puppy is incredible!

Adrian Jansen says:

I think the orange is winning

Diego Matos says:

Winner : Orange!

Siobhán Mooney says:

Argh, cut orange on a pale carpet! o.O

Peter Finsh says:

I have tried STIFF DAYS .. Works much better… Just Google STIFF DAYS !

TheJennybird25 says:

Sooooo Cute!!!!!!

flowergirl1379 says:

Once my dog was eating a pickle and he let it slide right off his tongue!

TJ6655 says:

1:01 XD LOL

wwwhananhanu says:


nntareq14 says:


the smiley says:

Funniest ending eva!!!

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