Puppy vs. Robot Crab

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Subscribe! bit.ly Like! Maymo on Facebook: on.fb.me Follow Maymo on Twitter: bit.ly Maymo the lemon beagle wages a very cute and derpy battle against a remote control crab. This puppy’s extraordinary ninja agility moves and fighting strategies clearly take his adversary by surprise in what turns out to be an epic battle of puppy vs. robot crab.


AVSelah says:

Puppy wins

AVSelah says:

Keep it comes ; cut dog

judsonwatson67 says:

My four year old daughter loves Maymo! She talks about him like she knows him… keep the cute videos coming!!!

ahronical says:

Maymo is a cuteeeeh!!! love him!

lessandracassidy says:

Aww, I have a beagle too. This is what my every day looks like))) I love your dog!

crackrockcandy says:

definitely need to try that.

聡 坂口 says:


Deneb235 says:

That puppy so adorable!

Mysan Michael says:

OMG this dog is hilarious, I’m in love!

momthatsametalhead says:

Your adorable pup is exhibiting behavior to the mechanical crab in the exact same manner our dog does with real crabs. We live next to the gulf, and often smaller crabs come out of the water and crawl into our yard. On one occasion a small crab he was playing with grabbed the side of his upper lip and wouldn’t let go. I wish I’d caught it on video.

piyopiyo0215 says:


Tori Kat says:

I love Puppies and kittens!

VonValjus says:


Lupine Chimera says:


Puppy wins.

indaskys says:

Brilliant video very cool, check out my new basset hound puppy video on my channel

contentunderpresure says:

LOL too cute. Reminds me of what one of my pups did when they saw a furby for the first time. hehehe

Sérgio Siverly says:

No crab was harmed in this video.

lwang943 says:

Your dog has so much fun! Well cool lol

HuntForAnswers says:

Your dog is so cute

João Paulo says:

esse ruido, deve fazer cocegas no ouvido, ou encomodar

Emi McBride says:

18 people just want your dog

Johnny Sawblade says:


acuradan623 says:

this dog is effing retarded….

Olagrajek2 says:

Beagle < 3

Kathryn Raedeke says:

I love your dog’s spirit… Screw these people that dislike your videos. I think they tell how much you love your dog…

TokyoBitchCrew says:

It has a remote control

sillyscribbler says:

Maymo should do a Harlem Shuffle video.

Daniel Páez says:

Puppy winsss xd

R. James says:

That’s an awesome dog!

wolftiger713 says:

It’s all fun(ny) and games until he starts eating it. All dog owners know that feeling when it’s like “Aaawww, he’ so adorab OH GOD, DON’T EAT IT.”

GediSpock says:

Is that some kind of wind up?

davidstead says:

Somebody NEEDS to dub this!!

jeanster1000 says:

Absolutely LOVE the ears on Maymo! Looks like the crab is history…

Juan Pablo Forero says:

MylittleRarity if you had a dog, you would know they are NOT retarded at all, they are extremely smart. And cats act exactly the same when they play. And this dog is adorable, hes just excited with the toy.

Juan Pablo Forero says:

Ha ha ha ha, hes wonderful, hes so funny, he reminds me of my hairy son. Hes so cute!!!!!!

Guilherme Mendonça says:


sangie2009 says:

if you like this video go watch Puppy Attacks Hexbug

Chris562010 says:

This is adorable!

MyLittleRarity says:

Dogs are retarded. I like cats.

Hinson43 says:

Soooooo freaking adorable!!!

Olga Ershova says:

Maymo, you are sooo funny! :))

Christie Hall says:

Haha aww. My dog does the same thing with my cousins’ toy trucks. She’s learned that picking it up makes it stop and will carry it in her mouth until you take it from her.

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