Pups saved from dog meat festival & coming to Toronto

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Pups saved from dog meat festival & coming to Toronto

Dogs saved from the Yulin dog eating festival that are being held in a safe shelter in northeast China (Photo by Peter Li, Humane Society International) Toronto is set to become home to approximately 100 dogs that were saved from certain, brutal deaths at this year’s infamous Yulin dog eating festival in China.

“We’re working with multiple companies right now to try and find a reasonable price to fly those dogs over,” Rebecca Aldworth, executive director at Humane Society International (HSI) Canada told the Toronto Sun. “This is a wonderful ending for these dogs if we can bring them to Canada.”

The plan is to have 100 dogs come to Toronto in September, Aldworth said, adding an adoption process will happen in the fall.

HSI and its partners have saved approximately 174 dogs and some cats from being butchered, who are all now safe in a facility in northeast China.Those animals are […]


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