Rescue of an old street dog whose ear was torn to shreds – beautiful recovery

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An elderly street dog’s ear was badly injured, probably from a fight with another dog. His ear was terribly infected and had become necrotic and his condition was deteriorating fast. Watch his beautiful recovery after rescue!

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jill wendt says:

thank you for helping him

Michael N says:

God bless you guys. Thanks

Heather Mason says:

you guys are awesome! thank you so much for all the hard work you do.

Martha Maacks says:

You guys are great. Thanks for helping that poor dog. Keep up the good work!!!!!

Elizabeth M says:

I have to say that I don't understand a country who can revere cows, but lets other animals suffer horribly.

Big Al says:

Nice to see people doing something nice for a change.

BellotC says:

These people are angels, helping these sweet animals. It just amazes me how, no matter what terrible things have happened to them, these dogs just forgive and show love straight away to their rescuers. Bless them all x

Viktoria Groepper says:

Bless you, wonderful people. Thank you for your fantastic work. And bless the animals.

Dayllen Van Niekerk says:

god bless you all

Khristian Aleejandro says:


Ashley Ramos-amaya says:

god bless those people that are doing the right

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