Research beagles get chance to just be dogs

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Churchill: Research beagles get chance to be dogs


State government gets many things wrong. We all know that.

But like the monkey at a typewriter who eventually pecks out a line of Shakespeare, the state Legislature is occasionally capable of passing legislation that’s not only just and right, but a sign of moral progress.

So it is with the Beagle Freedom Law, which mandates that healthy dogs and cats used in research labs get a second chance.I recently had the good fortune to meet Libby, Chara and Lilabeth, three dogs who were rescued from research facilities but now have family homes.Libby, Chara and Lilabeth are beagles, which means they are goofy, docile, trusting and lovable. It’s those same traits, along with their small size, that make beagles the breed that is almost always used for research.Pit bulls and Rottweilers might fight back. Beagles won’t.Nor do they hold grudges, which means that when they are "experimentally spent" and […]


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