Sassy Dachshund Puppy

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I’m a sassy puppy and I only listen to my master . . . me!


paintingangel says:

Adorable. Although my doxie DOES dig for fun because she gets attn that way. 🙂

applethedoxie says:

Everyone knows this :P

applethedoxie says:

Let me resuscitate you with sassiness!!

DeetsterB says:

Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but dachshunds do NOT dig for playing. Apple was making a bed. Period.

Katie Connolly says:

I think I just died of cuteness….

Mylène Guillaume says:

You may be sassy, but you’re so cute that no one would ever try to stop you from scratching that pillow !!! :p Millions of cuddles from France ! 🙂

vyperboy2004 says:

lol… 1:06
him: you make daddy happy
dog: *wink*

hsthesparks says:

OMG!!! I LOVE DACHSHUNDS!!! I have one of my own too. He’s so adorable, especially when he was a puppy. He/she is so cute when it lays it’s head down of the pillow, that was my favorite part. <3

Katie Foreman says:

Your dog’s name is APPLE!? nice

silentangel123 says:

my dachshund is so cute she does this all the time lol

Bella TheShitzu says:

What a cutie! Hey all, check out my channel for my shitzu BELLA the cutie pie! If I get up to 5 subscribers, I will have Bella add another video! See you there!  🙂

applethedoxie says:

You better go take him for a walk. The punishment of a doxie after they have shown you the whites of their eyes is horrifying. I should know, I’ve administered it to my daddy 🙂

tsimboli2000 says:

i kept laughing and he is so cute i have 3 dachshunds but i used to have 4 but she died like 2 years ago because she was sick and her back gave out on her and her name was Hera 🙁 R.I.P Hera i miss you 🙁

reliford03 says:

Doxie’s are the sassiest things out there! I have a tweenie named Walter, and he has also perfected the side eye when I don’t get myself together fast enough so we can go for a walk.

Saulina Correia says:

que lindo BR

xshabootiex says:


applethedoxie says:

Gasp!! All dachshunds are the cutest!!

olly belding says:

cute cute xx

Megan Morehead says:

sooo adorable!

Carlos Eduardo Jedwab says:

my dash is not so cute.
not like this.

GingerWizzard1994 says:

lol clever boy 🙂

applethedoxie says:

Shhh, my daddy likes to hide his identity behind my cuteness

GingerWizzard1994 says:

michael cera ??????? O-o

applethedoxie says:

Who’s to say that us doxies aren’t gods ourselves? 🙂

applethedoxie says:

Maybe she was a wiener in her past life…

avamyst70 says:

I know we Doxie people are biased but seriously, when God was handing out cuteness he spent just a little more time on Doxies! Those ears! Those soulful eyes! That smile! Those stubby little paws! Cuteness overload!!!!

applethedoxie says:

I am a wiener!!!

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