Terrier dog likes belly tickled makes Funny face

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freya bridges says:

you should so bring this dog to meet russell howard!!!

lionel managuit says:

Russell Howard must’ve love you with this video.


I Love How This Has 8 Thumbs Down, It Makes Me Wonder… Why Thumb This Down?

Bambie NIP says:


geckoJOE619 says:

Stop begging for thumbs up.

JDMmagic97 says:

I defy anybody not to like this. This amuses me to no end!

Boro1Legend says:

you think it’s cute… it thinks ‘bitch i want that hand’

Kate Yakimova says:

Its funny ^.^

estela3amaya says:

It’s so funny my cousin snorted

XXMoonCrashXX says:

Thumps up if Russell Howard brought you here from his show

ChillScootersMedia says:

he is such a cool dog

ChillScootersMedia says:

I got it off russel howards good news

invenusian says:


invenusian says:


alex pike says:


GonzoFrogbottom says:

Dogs have character, cats have designs on your soul!

loulou152959 says:

Oooooohhhhhhh soooooo sweeeeettttt!!! I watch this video all the time, makes me happy. Thanks for sharing……… 🙂

bisontuba says:

This might be my first choice for a dog I love Mackie^–^

SchroederBear10 says:

Pure joy and entertainment–I need a Mackie ^~~^

smily angel says:

Hahahahah cute dog

omgyourfacee says:

i think the lady is making the sound -.- my opinion …GEEZ. its not like you made the vid so who are you to say what I think

loadedlover12 says:

216 dislikes are from cats.

Reldacovers says:

haha! 😉

varlybear1c9t9f8 says:


sandmangrp says:

How cool is this dude?

SimoneLouisee says:


Zachrevenge1 says:

russel : and finally everyone dose not like this…. 0:09 LEAVE!!!

lovemymoose00 says:

Haha wish mine would do that

Reldacovers says:

Still laughing my head off on my 67th view

orphanblues1 says:

Wish you would do that to my weenie!

Myuki Shiriushi says:

um the dog is making the sounds… geez…

MissEmmerLouise says:

Best thing I have ever seen!

Breakingchains954 says:

3 million views shit man nobody has a life

PokeymanTrainer says:

I would never let this dog go!

TekkitLove says:

howards good news?

justkeeplolling says:

oh my god! this is hilair!

enensis says:


jessica61819 says:

I want him! <3

RCStormOrb says:

hilarious XD

Breakingchains954 says:

haha adorable

TheDogRealityZone says:

Oh man I just love Boston Terriers, and this one is so cute.

glenn5749 says:

Thank you Russell Howard

AdmiralAwesome15 says:

I never knew pigs made such strange noises

PoNyStArZaNgEl says:

I reckon this video became amazingly popular as soon as Russell Howard mentioned it…

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