The dog that has saved its owner’s life 3,500 times

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The dog that has saved its owner's life 3,500 times

Magic alerts Claire to changes in her blood glucose levels Dogs are known as man’s best friend and their powerful sense of smell means they also have the potential to save lives – detecting changes in blood glucose levels in type 1 diabetes patients and urine samples from those with prostate cancer.

Magic leaps up, placing his paws on his owner’s knees, his brown eyes staring into hers.

It is a routine he has done thousands of times.

Magic is a medical alert assistance dog, and has been trained to detect a minute shift in the blood sugar levels of his owner, Claire Pesterfield.Using his superior sense of smell, he is capable of detecting tiny odour concentrations, around one part per trillion, that enable him to alert Claire to when she needs to inject herself with insulin.Without Magic’s assistance, changes in her blood sugar levels could put her at risk of a […]


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