The Litter: Puppies with Sharon Osbourne Episode 1

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Follow Hope and her babies as they’re rescued from a shelter and begin their journey to find loving forever homes. Episode 1 of a 13 part series. Subscribe t…


Chocolatelabsroc says:

So cute! I am hooked!

HorseandKittyLuver says:

Poor little pit bulls… :'( I wish I could help save them.

majormana1 says:

thats impressive that hope is so calm when she spent so much time on the street and she has sweetest eyes

MystiqueHarmony says:

This made me cry.

caitlin wright says:


Wendy Garcia says:

Sharon has a big heart! God Bless her and all those who help and support these furbabies!!!

sam122703 says:

That was soooo cute

Talitha Wegner says:

This is beautiful.

Demetra K says:

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww OMG!!!So cuteeeeee 🙂 i want to hug them all!<3

aislingdream11 says:

awww i love it

Thyme FeralHeart says:

This is why I love no-kill shelters and this is why I donate and love animals, they can be so loveable even in the worst of times

Ojdaweedmane says:


chihuahuabulldog says:

Thank you for rescuing Hope and her boys. I couldn’t help but notice that throughout the process of being loaded into and unload from the van, Hope’s tail was always wagging. Pits are such loveable dogs, and it looks like Hope is no exception.

ilovejuicyxoxo says:

this is an amazing story! but it made me cry.. i just cant stand it when i see someone abuse or mistreat an animal.

Kuronosa says:

Sharon has a wonderful documentary voice. I think that she could do other voice-over jobs as well…

ricks9092 says:

How about a show like this for big fluffy dogs!!! U know saints, great Pyrenees etc!!

ricks9092 says:

Great series!!!!!

niamh lynch says:

So cute 🙂

deathbyaraven says:

love this where is EP. 3???

iTruth1 says:

hey i got a rescued pitbull, my wifes gonna give birth to my son in 4wks or less, if i can be of help by documenting anything please contact me. i have not 1x concern about my dog and my son. my dog is going to flip out when she realises that there will be another me around. and i sleep soundly knowing that i have a dog that will be watching my son throughout his life. pitbulls are no differnt then any other dog. at least in my eyes. Love ya kona!

Haley Smith says:

😀 so cuteeee

jtm0514 says:

Omg bathtime is soooooo cute!! The puppy squeal is the cutest sound on earth!

pfromri says:

How adorable!

shayladesjarais says:

“That’s it sista”

Tonio23ify says:

Such a good action. This video needs to be shared to make a difference.

Awsomeisimo says:

Who is so soulless to dislike this

nina260600 says:

Very very very good job!!

smileyros says:

thanks to people who care! <3

Louie DeVille says:

*points to Compton sign* I LIVE IN COMPTON!!!

Mishell Roatch says:

Awwww puppies

Elizabeth Hernandez says:

I emailed Chad who took Leroy and they filmed him picking up Leroy. Can’t wait to see that episode.

SterlingAffair says:

HI ELIZABETH!!! 🙂 Absolutely, Pet Collective did a great job with this video, and it’s great that they got Sharon to narrate. I knew there were very dedicated people at New Lease On Life, but I had no idea how extensive their animal assistance was until now – what a big tribute this video is to all they do. All of this is because of the people at NLOL – IMHO!!!

Angela Nicole says:

what a wonderful story! I cant believe how many people neglect animals, its soo sad:(

Kat Talbott says:

This is so cute
Go sharon

Judy Hicks says:

How awesome. Thank you for being a part of this Sharon!

brenda alcala says:

I would adopt one of those pit bulls :3

Elizabeth Hernandez says:

Loved this, excellent job Sharon. I followed the 24/7 live feed to the very end. Hi Sterling. Was so glad to hear Sammie got adopted last week. Still need homes for Ralphie and Hope.

Diehasenversteherin luna says:

aww so cute dogis *.*

SterlingAffair says:

I was so lucky find Pet Collective’s 24/7 live-feed of Hope and her puppies when they first arrived at New Leash On Life. It was so amazing to watch the pups (Bruin, Lenny, Monroe, Leroy, Sammie and Ralphie) grow, play, eat and sleep. Thank you New Leash On Life and Pet Collective! Thanks Sharon for narrating – great job! Looking forward to more videos of Hope and her pups. Hi Chad, Pop & Mom K, woodmansee, the NLOL lovely lady at night, and everyone else that watched the live-feed!!! 🙂

alicia ruiz says:

I’m glad The Litter is back! I enjoyed the last season

SKCJG says:


jasmiebcb says:

How can someone dislike this video some people or so stupid

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