The Love of Dogs

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The beautiful expressions of 58 dogs in under 4 minutes. Over the course of the last year, I filmed the expressions of dogs that came to stay at a boarding kennel where I work. There was always so much emotion behind their eyes and I imagined what they could say if they could talk. Every dog dealt with being temporarily separated from their home and family they loved in a different way. Some barked- sometimes non-stop, others waited patiently for their family to return. Some were happy, some were sad, some excited, a nd others depressed. But they all had one thing in common- no matter the breed, size, shape or color, if you looked into their eyes you could see the deep love for their family and how much they missed them while they were away. I think this is true love. Hug your dog! Music provided by Kevin MacLeod and offered for use royalty free with appropriate credit. The song is called Danse Morialta (US-UAN1200026). This and many more great tracks can be found at Kevin’s web site: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.” – Unknown ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Subscribe! Check out: Like us on facebook


yappywestie says:

I have floods of tear running down my face…

ana victoria says:

I cried im so sensitive

1221solstice2012 says:

Little wolves they are, so removed from their natural state, totally dependent on people, so often horribly betrayed, suffering in ways unimaginable; they are love and loyalty and would never go “bad” if not ruined by people. Their “pack” is everything to them…be good to them, everyone.

dsullivan52266 says:

i just saw alot of beautiful dogs….why read more into the video then they meant….they got their point across…the dogs need homes…i got some dogs with stress and other problems… and care and dicipline goes a long way

grateful19661 says:

I love dogs!

Kasey LaPlace says:

Being a dog trainer and having alot of experience reading canine body language, all I saw here were a buch of stressed out dogs with a camera shoved in their face. Lip licking, look aways, shake offs, growling, snarling, lunging, whale eye, paw lifts…really, I only saw one dog that it didn’t seem to bother………..

Harry McMahon says:

I love my dog. She’s the most sensitive, funny, energetic, annoying and loving creature. I wouldn’t be without her. A proper crossbreed ‘mongrel’ with the most expressive face, especially when begging for food with a look that would swear she hasn’t been fed in a week.


love the dog

aligrandi13 says:

Is sooooo terribly sad!!!! Dogs are so amaising wonderful creatures!!!! ♥

debbiewhipps58 says:

Beautiful.sad.makes me cry.some of those dogs would be thinking. Are my mum and dad coming back to me. Some just took it off the cuff and tried to make the best of it.However,they could .thanks for this from teary deb.:'(

Beatnikzombie says:

Every one of those faces was so lovable. Great video.

thegh0ST505 says:

I am glad I did all this for my late schnauzer girl. It’s really worth doing the everything little things for her. She is my soulmate who never complains but gave me all her love and silent support unconditionally. I miss her so much.

thegh0ST505 says:

This brought tears and many memories of my late schnauzer girl. When doesn’t sees me, Be it hospitalized or when grooming, I will definitely be at her side assuring her that I will never leave her. Groomer told me she cried till her tears drop down that they couldn’t bear to cut for her, my girl is too sad. Ended, I learn to cut my girl’s fur. Vets called me to be at her side, she wouldn’t eat, drink nor sleep, just crying all the way too. I was given a special room to sleep with her.

rfriend37 says:

You did a wonderful job catching the beautiful expressions dogs offer. thank you

TheJessMuch says:

This was so sad for me because I recently had to put my 10 yr old puppy down

leila freitas says:

Muito bom, cada vez mais amo os meus animais!

hydrors215 says:

Very nice video. I hugged my dog after watching this.

Dirktooth says:

Working, as I currently do, as an assistant at a veterinary practice I would say your video beautifully expresses the souls and emotions that I see in our patients. All individuals, all uniquely loving.

embrace666 says:


embrace666 says:

you know you’re home when you look into those beautyful diamond eyes of your dog and have them jumping up one you when you walk in the door :’) a home is not a home without a four-legged friend <3

Malbert24 says:

I’m suspecting that Leni, my 5 yrs old Rottie, is an angel… because she’s a dog!

5tzus says:

Such a wonderful video, this is why dogs will always be both man and woman best friend

OldBittyGrandma says:

totally brought tears to my eyes…

Pete Ersteniuk says:

You should get a video of the dogs when their owners come and pick them up.

Catmon1997 says:

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abby1819931 says:

so beautiful :’)

bobby1997100 says:

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scastillo0815 says:

:’) they’re so loyal and loving

Strawhatfox says:

I wouldn’t mind seeing one with cats too. Love ALL animals.

ClawedMonet12 says:

Love it!! Dogs are such wonderful people!

Ivybluerose says:

Beautiful video, brought tears to my eyes. :,)

finne121710 says:

Good video :)

perfection6666 says:


UnicronzForever says:

They’re all so beautiful…-3 this really touches my heart. Thank you so much for make this video for us.

michal navon says:

OMG i have a dog and i love and hug every dog i see <3

zmn11111 says:

2:30 :D

fdoeppen says:

Thumbs up if your animal(s) is/are better then some people you know!

fdoeppen says:

I cried a little… this video made me think of the dogs abandoned, abuse, left behind in shelters… the world can be so beautiful and cruel at the same time!
I have relatives and know people that have abused their animals… and they make me dislike human being even more.

sklanger says:

On hearing the music my first thought was: Debussy? So well done MacLeod it had the intended effect!

zeg0rgon says:

This is so great, I love it. 🙂

Samatron2012 says:

Beautiful video!! Thanks for sharing! You can see a dog’s soul through their eyes.

MuttleeCrew says:

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole”. – Roger Caras

indiereads says:

Beautiful video. It would make a wonderful endorsement for adopting shelter dogs.

Juan Ortega says:

0:41, I bet that’s Kris Kristofferson’s dog.

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