The NFL & America Feel That Gays, Jews & Dogs Are More Important Than Blacks!?!

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CyberSpectrumND says:

Nah Tommy, it’s being racist towards blacks that doesn’t get your shut down.
Because it’s the same shit when one of them comes at the Asians, Mexicans, Arabs, or any one else non-black. 1. They don’t care about us 2. The other people make it a mission to destroy their target.

White people and their animals also, when you do something to the pale-faces new pet(and in some cases, lover) they lose their shit.

Vinnie Damato says:

Fuck the eagles anyways

Vinnie Damato says:

Black people are treated the way they are because they have ruined their own reputation. Each day they set themselves up for incidents like this.

MrShaneVicious says:

Power isn’t needed to be a racist

TheGeckoNinja says:

i know XD

Jasmone Ward says:

Blacks can’t be a racist because they have to power economics and resources. We can’t do anything to a group of people and have the court the money and power to back us up. Racism is a system and its control by the dominant society of people

Tomika Kelly says:

I personally think if you don’t do or say something that directly affects your job then it should not be the place of your employers to determine fines. Also, I think we’d get a lot futher if we stopped referring to each other as niggas. I’ve heard Blk ppl say theres a difference between nigger & nigga. Jews dont address each other “what up my kike” or with some other variation of the word and then get offended when Gentiles say it. They would take ANY variation of “kike” offensively.

John Chris says:



Black people never made Jim Crow or Sundown Towns, or lynched Jews and Italians, made Chinese people build railroads, killed off Native Americans..

Just because White people became “nicer” in the pass like 40 years doesn’t mean Black people are more “racist.”

I actually don’t think racism exist because nobody ever defined it, but come on…White people beat out almost anybody on “racism” or fucking with other races..

I mean fuck Paula Dean was throwing plantation parties lol.

Gene Suarez says:

Black people are much more racist, I went to a school where almost everybody was black, and I was insulted/practically tortured for being white.. and our teachers were all black so what was I going to say? Stop being hypocrites

RsChrisG says:

No that just makes you an ass hole lol.

John Chris says:

And Racist has no real definition, racist could mean anything.

And come on, it’s obvious to tell which Race is superior to another, that’s not racism…

Guess me calling people ugly and some people attractive means I am an appearancist

John Chris says:

The word nigger wasn’t in the dictionary before being used. The word nigger comes from the word niger which means black in Latin. Nigger is a bastardization of the word negro which in Spanish and Portuguese means Black.

Nigger is a neutral term which became a slur sometime around the late 1890s.

Nigger was used to refer to African slaves and it became a pejorative when Whites started calling Blacks colored or Negro.

And a lazy shiftless person…who you think they are referring too? Whites?

RsChrisG says:

God I hope that was sarcasm.

HistoryBuff615 says:

show me one point out the video of the racist blacks!..i gotta see this ive never even met one.. i know some blacks that distrust & dislike whites because of past history and presen behavior but racist no! thats a white thing all day.

DaReelSituation says:

There have been so many times that I just want to get a t-shirt that says, “I’ll get over slavery when you get over the holocaust.” But, I just keep it to myself. Tommy you are absolutely right. – Best

DaReelSituation says:

Ruweened of course! Lol.

DaReelSituation says:

The NFL doesn’t care about Black people.

Anthony Okafor says:

never hear any of you whiners complain when anyone gets fired for mentioning Jews though……..

Anthony Okafor says:

what do you mean “you people”?

Nino Brown says:

kobe makes 30 mill a year…

JustPlaying2020 says:

“100 grand nigga” sooo true. yet these folks on here stay in denial. these comments are insane!

RsChrisG says:

My point was that people of color need to stop acting like it’s a one way street. It goes both ways. This guy in the video would like to tell you “oh whites hate us blacks and always will mwahahaha” no, Some whites hate blacks, some blacks hate whites..this is 2013 the majority of both sides do not hate each other anymore.

Nino Brown says:

no im saying if there was video evidence like this.. the guy would probably be fined also..

RsChrisG says:

Are you implying that it’s only offensive if caught? I’ve seen it while watching football games before, I didn’t really care and neither should you.

f0rumrr says:

Jews are at the top, because they have brainwashed us to think that if you dont like jews, you support the murder of 8 million innocent people. Find out who you cant talk about and that is who rules you.

TheLWebb100 says:

The NBA is so pro gay that it’s not even funny.

MayweatherTop1 says:

literally comparing a guy saying nigger to a guy killing dogs

RsChrisG says:

Do you think there are no racist black athletes? Honestly? There are probably quite a few racist white athletes too… But at what point are you people going to stop crying when somebody uses a certain word.

“sticks and stones may break my bones”

RsChrisG says:

Just such a pointless argument, sorry lol.

Shay Wright says:

WOW!!! Totally agree with this one!

mack3dg says:

If the mexicans were not so fucking stupid, they would know that it is you who is the invasive one here, you are no different than your european occupier people in africa, australia, greenland,or asia. .the word indigenous applies to everyone else but you, wherever you go you’re the same european occupying invasive specie…
like i said good night sir, you’re messing with my time now,. is OK buddy i know you love dog’s i love all of natures creation, i just don’t love or see enyting like you do

mack3dg says:

HA HA, i’m not a mexican, but if i was, would that be considered a sin. why would being mexican be worse than being a Foreign european invasive specie on this land….
i mean what are you really, what’s your true nationality, and i don’t mean citizenship, i’m speaking Sanguine heritage, the birth right which is inherited by blood line, which neanderthal are you, which one of these euro caveman groups do you belong to, .Irish, british, scottish, polish, italian, swedish, french, german,



WesternCiv2050 says:

Yeah Bestiality is soooo
Nice try @ trolling Jungle Mexican

mack3dg says:

Good night sir…

WesternCiv2050 says:

Only the worst white trash fucks and i hate them for it as well.

WesternCiv2050 says:

What the fuck on you on about muppet?
Bestiality is very rare,what tiny percentage of whites do it?
Ancient cave culture?

qjonesization says:

Yeah you can’t judge Kenny Chisney and country music for what Riley Cooper said but a black guy robbing a liquor store in L.A reflects badly on me for some reason! LOL



Akon Fenty says:

Since Im half black I can say this, some black ppl can be hypocrites and can be contradictory too…some black ppl are sensitive about ppl sayin words they dont agree with but they can call ppl this and that, but turn around and get mad or upset that they’re bein called somethin they disagree with? I understand how nigger can be offensive cus slave owners callin their slaves “nigger”, when they said that they were callin them black ignorant, shiftless, lazy ppl, but its no excuse for hypocrisy.



Akon Fenty says:

I wouldnt call Riley Cooper a racist cus I dont know him, racist is a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others, basically if someone thinks their race is better than other races…the word “nigger” in the dictionary before it was used on black ppl means ignorant, shiftless, lazy person and the word “fag” means cigarette and homophobe is a person who hates or fears homosexual ppl not just fear but hate, when someone hates a homosexual they’re a homophobe.

Lawrence Pearson says:

Sotomayor I agree with you that he got away with it, but wait until the nfl season he is going get hit by the biggest black people get booed by Philadelphia, and hope he doesn’t play in Atlanta any time soon. Everybody gets there’s soon might not be now, tomorrow, next week, but sooner or later its coming.

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