Tiger vs Dog Pack

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The tiger and dogs have grown up together and are great friends. The video shows their morning play sessions.


seanallansmommy says:

i fink dat them doggs will bee dead sune

seanallansmommy says:

ello i finks dat tiggar will eat them dogs won day i worn u

7777electric says:

They’re big dogs, and there’s two of them, they can hold their own.

Rajat Khanna says:

someday tiger will have a “hotdog” -_-

Ibrahim Khan says:

that tiger could tear them up if it wanted to

MrMynameisnoone says:

may be the tiger isn’t hungry so he shows love to eat them later

ShiningLily3 says:

Use your eyes. Do you not see teeth several times in the tiger’s mouth during the video? Plus, I’m pretty sure you do see claws a couple of times and you can hear a soft click on the cement from them. So seriously, relax.

ShiningLily3 says:

The tiger very obviously has teeth (as can be seen in several shots). I think I see claws a couple of times but not 100% sure. Besides, a lot of the cats in Big Cat Haven were young when they came in. That can really make a big difference.

762mmFMJacket says:

how the fuck did you get a tiger, i want one

amarillorica says:

upon review of said video claws and teeth are visible and audible(claws on cement)
so respect for owner 🙂

amarillorica says:

are you serious? I didnt even think of that… if thats the case the owner can go fuck himself I sdont beleive in doing that to housecasts let alone a fuckign tiger its not a fucking toy

socksophone says:


AxeMurderingBastard says:

Tiger probably has no teeth or claws. That helps keep the owner safe but that 300 pound cat could probably slap someone around bad.

VaeVictisAeternum says:

Shhh… Don’t tell Big Cat Rescue about this place!

DemmalTheKing says:

I wonder what the neighbors though when you brought the lion home

Yrhp8268 says:

You’re putting those dogs in a lot of danger if that tiger ever snaps one day.

thekoalak says:

Hell is not funny, ..

mrtnun7 says:

He meant Heaven, as in, since when do Animals like this co-exist peacefully? According to him, only in Heaven.

Zcypot says:

those dogs are funny as helL!

21nealrajz says:

How people manage to own tigers, aren’t they dangerous and can they survive on vegetarian diet?! Coz, Non Vegetarian tigers or Lions, would eat their owners too?! Please Explain, dear uploader!!!

screamindemon6x says:

1:39, Owned! Or an attempt anyway….Wrong animal! Surprising how tolerant the tiger is to the dogs!…..No upsets yet?

Jade K says:

this is a nice video and the tiger looks quite happy there…it’s so beautiful!!! and if you put this tiger back were it belongs now,it would most likely die.

MrProjectbomber says:

Is that a Liger

orphanslayer69 says:

I can just imagine some guy…. “I’m going to steal that hummer. What’s that noise? OH SHIIIIIIT!”

Tim Grady says:


TheTigerRock951 says:

OMG that’s a golden tabby tiger they are gorgeous!

KougarKarKyn says:

1:48 I love how it looked like that dog tried to push that tiger up on the chair and it just sat on it’s head.

Nazar Vasilyev says:

1:41 whoop whoop

Sienna Cortez says:

that is a pretty colored tiger and she sat on the dogs head

xAULISx says:

Gotta love that “Beware of Cat”-sign.

Stallnig says:

Is that a golden tiger?

texzwindstorm says:

Only thing i have to say is keep that Tiger full

TheyCallMeNewb says:

I DO NOT LIKE THIS get that tiger where it belongs. The owner is a horrible person

dars2607 says:

No he isn’t. If he would have wanted them to stay away, he wouldn’t have been so gentle.

daniellos333 says:

why do the dogs feel so safe around the tiger? they must realize that the tiger could potentially rip them apart if he was pissed off or something, i mean its not like they can communicate..

xBurzurkurx says:

yes, but the guy meant Heaven because there was no hostility between such rivaled species

nachos18936 says:

1:50 face sitting 

Martina falkenberg henriksen says:

Er det deres tiger?

furtherbeyond says:

Is the chubby one a wolf dog?

Corbin Owens says:

lol bro or sis your missing what they are tryin to say lol
heaven as in the vid is from heaven cuz its sooo cute lol

m1330T9500 says:

you are a bit slow! they understand its a haven. They are saying its “like” heaven..

balis balidis says:

there is a wolf

Lea PM says:

The tiger is like “seriusly, stay away!”

acool877 says:

he could kick their asses !

Thomas O'Sullivan says:

1:37 ……. haha hang on steve, just going to hump the tiger!

LovTheNose says:

Got a tiger by the tail !

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