Worlds Smartest Cutest Puppy Misa Minnie 31 wks

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Misa Minnie is a 31 week old (7 month) Yorkie puppy in this video that loves treats, training, and California sunshine. 🙂 It’s been awhile since we uploaded…


단 김 says:


onedirection20100 says:

Please make a video of how to train her all of these tricks id love to train my yorkie but I don’t know what commands to use

ShaynaAwesome1 says:


beautyypolice101 says:

love the pray so cute

georgina cawdron says:

Give me

Nari Ramzan says:

What a smart little cutie.

piinkdym0ndzz says:

I effing love this sweet little baby!! So precious! <3

Elenor Smith says:

yeah she is

Talent Hounds says:

She is so cute-such a Talent Hound. Great training too. Share some tips and pics on our site

Justin Gota says:

You are the BEST trainer EVER

sushi m says:

awww shes sooo cute and smart!!

bunnyberry1 says:

Awwwwe please make a training how-to : )

Bach Bababach says:

Misa Minnie for president!

PinjaMsp says:

OMG is so cute*~*

Bryan Valentine Mcalister says:

Awwww so cute! It must have being difficult to train her was it?

Stephanie Reynolds says:

I have a four month old Yorkie puppy. How on earth did you train her so well? Adorable

jewelpet55 says:

I love this!!!

lpschickz95 says:

So adorable

Kamryn Michaels says:

so cute

Samantha Kelly says:


hank hill says:


jackie cruz says:

so cuteee ! 🙂

Boltfiger says:

Is Misa a teacup size or just regular sized Yorkie?

Yanique Naomi says:


nieniecrzzy says:

Misa is so cute and soo smart

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